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Debra Finerman


This is a difficult question and I hope you can find the solution. I'm an American citizen who wants to refinance my French mortgage loan held by a French bank. The bank refused, so I went to see a mortgage broker who told me maybe one French bank would consider my application. All this because I'm an American citizen and I think FACTA has caused the French banks to back away from American citizens.What should I do to take advantage of the low interest rates right now in France? Thank you.

by Debra Finerman on 10 Sep 2016
Guillaume Barlet

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Dear Mrs Finerman,

This seems to be a finance-related question and I would therefore suggest to seek advice from an independent financial advisor. I would be glad to provide names upon request.

Kind regards,

Guillaume Barlet-Batada

by Guillaume Barlet on 09 Nov 2016

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