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polly smith


Hi Elaine,

Our neighbours wife took it into her head to completely destroy our hedge. She has gauged out the middle up to the trunk leaving only a very thin screen of leaves with holes on our side. The hedge was very well maintained and had been trimmed by a professional to the legal height one week before. Her husband is being quite apologetic and says he will compensate us as he realises it is horrendous. This weekend we are going to measure the land to check whether we had really planted it on the legal limit (they agreed to planting it at the time). If the hedge has been planted at the legal limit what can we ask them for in the way of compensation given the fact that it is probably so badly cut it will never recuperate?

We have been to the mairie and they have advised us to see a mediator.

by polly smith on 24 Sep 2009
Elaine Jarvis

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Although this is an extremely annoying thing to happen and you will be well within your rights to receive compensation I would suggest in the name of peace and harmony that you come to an arrangement with your neighbour. He has already made the first step towards you so I suggest you take photos and the exact measurements of the hedge that will need to be replaced. Ask for a quote from a local gardening contractor to carry out the replanting, (a professional will do the work with as little disturbance to any nearby planting as possible). You must agree on the expediter and present this quote to your neighbour before going ahead with the replanting.

Be diplomatic, this tactic will be much faster that using a mediator which generally leaves an aura of bad feeling!

Good luck
Elaine Jarvis

by Elaine Jarvis on 30 Sep 2009

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