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Lucy Francis


My partner has been asked to provide a family record book before he can sign his contract, could you please tell me what this is and how to get one as the company is not shedding any light on this. Alex does not have a family record book. Alex has also been asked for a police record number 3 check - he had a CRB check done in the UK a couple of years ago but this appears to carry no weight with the French system. Please help as we are concerned that he is going over to sign the contract at the end of September and I don't think we have the neccessary documentation. Thank you in advance, Lucy and Alex.

by Lucy Francis on 01 Sep 2009
Tony Martin

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Hi Lucy

A "Livret de Famille", (family record book) is only issued to those people married in France. Therefore your husband will not be required to have one. What he must have in its place are birth certificates for himself and if you are included in the purchase for yourself as well, if you are married then marriage certificate will be required.

If this is the first signing of the contract they would give time for any other documents to be provided.

I have never heard of anyone being asked for a police check before purchasing a house, if you are concerned about this I would contact the British Embassy.

In France, the police check is online and free, normally it will be sent out the next working day. This is the link
I hope this has been of help to you.

If you are moving to France there many things I can help you with, setting up Phone line Internet etc. See my website: You can always phone or email details on the website.

Best wishes

by Tony Martin on 09 Sep 2009

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