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Jean Gordon


My Parisian sister has gone head over heals for gardening.
I'll be planning a trip to France in April.
I'm a Landscape Architect and should be advising her. However I'm just not that familiar with French vegetation. Do you have book.
Further I thought it would be fun to take a class together regarding gardening. My French is not too good, but do you have any ideas.
Also sister says there are no good organizations in Paris and Country side where you can get gardening advice.

by Jean Gordon on 26 Jan 2010
Elaine Jarvis

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Dear Jean,
I certainly can symphathise with falling head over heels for gardening!
It is unfortunately true that good garden advice is not readily available here in France. However, if your sister's French is good enough then she should adhere to the newletter of this website:
As part of our contemporary and innovative positioning, jardinjarvis does propose a bilingual online garden coaching as well as design service: so don't hesitate to contact me for extra information on how to create an internet access to your private file (webFTP) which can be hosted on our website for personalised advice.
Your visit in April is perfectly timed for visiting the many exquisite gardens in and around Paris. Don't miss the Albert Kahn garden in Boulogne Billiancourt and top of the list should also be the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire: . Visit their website and you will see that they organise some excellent gardening courses throughout the season!

Best regards


Elaine Jarvis
+33 6 22 70 66 77

by Elaine Jarvis on 28 Jan 2010

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