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I was divorced in France in 2010. The family home is sold and the proceeds divided in 2013 but my ex husband refuses to divide other joint assets such as vehicles. He has sold two and kept the proceeds and retained a collection vehicle, is there a time limit to apply to divide these assets?

by Anne on 14 Nov 2016
Guillaume Barlet

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Dear Anne,

From the date of the Court order confirming the divorce, the notaire who should have been appointed by the judge to carry out the division and distribution of assets should do so within a year. However, this deadline can be extended and practice shows that it can take much longer in case of dispute between the ex-spouses.

After a year of latency, a claim filed in Court may reignite the procedure but it is not always as straightforward. It is advisable to liaise with the avocat who represented you so far and determine your options.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Guillaume Barlet-Batada

by Guillaume Barlet on 09 Feb 2017

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