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I registered as a microentrepreneur on 1 September 2017. I understand I have to complete form 2042c which I have found online, but I cannot find 2042. Does this one still exist and if so, where can I find it? I believe I have to submit a hard copy as this is my first declaration.
Also, my main business interests are in Morocco so I believe I must complete 2047 too. Is this correct? Thanks.

by Helen on 21 Apr 2018
Eliane Rakotonoel

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Hi Helen,

The 2042 form, millesime 2017 will be available on only from tomorrow, May the 2nd.
So, it is normal if you have not found it.
Yes, as a first time filer, you need to submit a paper tax return.
And if you are a tax resident in France, and receive income from abroad, Morocco in your case, then yes, you need to report this foreign account on the 2047. Caution! Fill in the correct boxes in order to avoid double taxation, in case it is France which needs to annul the double taxation, according to the tax treaty signed between France and Morocco.
Of course, we can help you with this first tax return, to secure things and optimise your taxation in France, and next year, you do the same thing (if your situation remains the same of course) and be sure that you are on the right track.

If this sounds good to you, please contact us, asap, since the deadline for the first time filers is May, the 17th.

Kind regards,
Eliane Rakotonoel

by Eliane Rakotonoel on 01 May 2018

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