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I'm not sure if this is the right place for my question but:
I have a degree in French but I can feel that knowledge slipping away, working in a U.K. pub. I feel a bit overwhelmed when looking online as I have no speciality and there are too many websites and possibilities (especially if you include the DOMTOMs). What's my best course of action or starting point? My background is mostly customer service (pub, supermarket, restaurant) and factory/warehouse.

I have a U.K. based Admin qualification and a C.E.L.T.A. from a few of years ago. I have had little success with getting teaching work abroad, though, because I'm rather introverted so standing in front of a class goes against my nature.

Thanks, Clyde

by Clyde on 29 Jan 2017
Janice Barnett

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Dear Clyde, I'm not sure whether you are looking for full or part-time work nor where you hope to base yourself, opportunities vary greatly between town and country and between regions. There are many ways to keep your French up to date, my particular method is to use Frantastique ( You can choose how often you study, lessons last about 20 minutes and they are matched to your ability. What's more is that they are a lot of fun. Teaching doesn't need to mean standing in front of a class. Many language schools look for tutors to work one to one with either adults or youngsters or someone who is happy to sit and engage in conversation with a small group. Check out the language schools in the neighbourhood where you wish to work. Are you sure that teaching is the thing for you? If you are making a new start maybe you could ask yourself what you'd really like to be doing in your new life and maybe rethink your career. You could still do bar/ restaurant work whilst figuring this out. Best of luck.

by Janice Barnett on 02 Feb 2017

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