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Françoise Sweeney


I have just moved to Paris for my job. I don't know anyone in the city and would welcome your advice on ways to meet people.
Best regards

by Françoise Sweeney on 14 Apr 2010
Heather Jerue

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Bonjour Françoise!

Paris is a big city with a lot of dynamic people, both French & Foreign!
I suggest looking at the websites below, whose members put together networking and social events nearly every week.

I don't know what country you are originally from, but there are also meetings organized for different nationalities in Paris. The sites below relate to French-American associations, but attendance to their events is open to people from around the world.

Women in Business

Don't hesitate to contact me with further questions,

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Rendez-vous in Paris
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by Heather Jerue on 19 Apr 2010

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