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Rod Pallot


I have developed and am patenting a new system of accomodation for caravans and motorhomes.
I have two requests.
One I am seeking a business listing of component (seating) makers.
Two I want to maximise my marketing by using the internet, is there an overview of the subject?

by Rod Pallot on 09 Jul 2009
Egle Karalyte

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Hello Rod,

I suggest approaching companies which provide lists of such information; or going to your library and getting access to company directories online, which you can filter out based on your criteria and then export such lists. I am not familiar with the system in Australia, thus I suggest approaching a local business library first to get the right advice and direction.

There is a lot of information online for this subject matter. It depends on your project stage and most immediate business needs before you start marketing your service/product online. We have just created a Beginner's B2B Lead Generation Guide -- it aggregates the most important information a starting out business should know in an understandable and jargon-free language. If this is of interest for you, I could send you more information about it.


by Egle Karalyte

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