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I had a titre de séjour for France in 2016 and paid income taxes in France in 2016 (as well as in the US and in Belgium). I moved to Belgium in July 2016. I did not earn income in France in 2017 and did not have a titre de séjour or any sort of residence in France in 2017. As such, do I need to make any sort of tax declaration for France in 2017? Thank you.

by Rebecca on 23 May 2018
Eliane Rakotonoel

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Dear Rebecca,

If in 2017 you were non-resident in France and earned no income from French sources, then you do not need to submit a tax return in France.
the only question is: did you inform the French tax administration that you left the country?

I hope this will help.

Très cordialement, Kind regards,
Eliane Rakotonoel - General Manager

by Eliane Rakotonoel on 13 Jun 2018

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