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raymond doctor


I am not a French National. I worked in France as a Directeur d'Etudes at the Ecole des hautes Etudes for 4 months for a period of 3 years: A total of one year. Subsequently, I was appointed Charge de recherches at the College de France for a full year.
In both these cases, my fiche de paie shows a cotisation to the Securite Sociale as per rules.
An Indian citizen I am now 67 and am retired. I have been informed by some of my French friends that I am eligible for a pension from the French Government. They say that even work for a trimester makes you eligible. I would like to know if this is true. And if so who do I contact by email.
Many thanks for taking the trouble of replying.

by raymond doctor on 17 Nov 2017
Des Cooney

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Dear Raymond,

Thank you for your question.

I suggest that you request the terms of your employment contract from the School to discover how retirement gratuity / benefits are calculated.

Also, I suspect that there is a minimum period of time (10 years) that one has to work in France before being eligible to receive a French pension. You need to clarify this.

I hope that this helps

Des Cooney

by Des Cooney on 20 Nov 2017

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