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Michelle Konzack


I am German citizen, lived since 1983 in France, was 11 years 8 months at the French Foreign Legion and some years at the DGSE.

After being victim of an poison terrorist attack, I lost my right kidney, was dialysed for 16 years, recovered but have gotten never the invalidity pension, which was refused by the cotorep or now, mdph.

I have since 1999 the RSA (with the end of my military service and kidney problems) and france has done anything to prevent I go to court because of political issues (it is "NOT" possibel to sue the coutry which was responsable for the terrorist attack).

Also I have since 1998 (the terrorist attack) developed a nicotin allergy, which prevent me to go on many places. Also finding a job is just worse.

Since 2008 I am more "handicaped" (my left knee does not more work, I have problems with the colone vertebral and my eyes).

The "Medcins de Travail" disallow me to work, because my knee and colone vertebrale and in the same time I have no right for invalidity pension, which would be several 100€ more then the RSA.

Now since Estonia has opend itself and I have gotten my Estonian eID, I created an enterprise for BioFarming and Renewable Energies.

I was working in August/September very hard (Forresting on 5ha) in Estonia and now, over the winter I am back in Strasbourg/France but I can not even work in the name of my enterprise because of france law, which probably violate European Law.

1) If you have no number SIREN/SIRET, you can not buy at manufacturers or big Distributors.
2) Because of 1) you can not go to germany abd buy stuff there, because France claim, it is not conform NF (Norm Francaise)
3) Foreign Enterprises need authorisation from the Prefectures and others to do professionel work in France.
4) I have an appartement in Strasbourg, but can not get professional contracts with, e.g. France Telecom, because I have no number SIREN/SIRET.

Creating a second enterprise in France is out of question for me.

However, my enterprise is created, but I will not earn money in Estonia before end of 2019 when the first plants have fuits. This is even accepted by the french social system and I continue to get my RSA, because I am only monthly based in Estonia and my principal living place is Strasbourg/France.

So my questions are:

1) What have I to do, to get my rights for invalidity pension?

2) What to do about the Restrictions for foreign enterprises?

Thanks in advance, Michelle

by Michelle Konzack on 31 Oct 2016
Guillaume Barlet

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Dear Mrs Konzack,

Many thanks for your enquiry which I have read with attention. Unfortunately, the issues at hand are slightly outside the scope of my specialty but I would be glad to refer you to a specialist upon request.

Kind regards,

Guillaume Barlet-Batada

by Guillaume Barlet on 09 Nov 2016

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