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Meg Baglioni


I am an Italian doctor working in a public hospital in France, after 13 years in the NHS in Wales and 22 years in Italy. I am considering remaining in France and working for the next 7 years, bringing me to retirement age (65). However, I have heard that if I do not work in FRANCE for 10 years, I will have no right to a pension. Is this true? Is there not a way to combine my time in the EU, both or either Italy or UK? I am having trouble finding this information, and I must decide soon whether to return to UK and save my pension, or remain here, but secure that I will have a right to a pension for my years of service. HELP! Please

by Meg Baglioni on 20 Nov 2017
Des Cooney

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Hi Meg,

Thank you for your question.

I suggest that you request the terms of your employment contract with the hospital in France to see how the retirement gratuity / benefits are calculated.

I suspect that there is a minimum period of time (10 years) that one has to work in France before being eligible to receive a French pension. You need to clarify this.

EU law takes into account all the periods you've worked in other EU countries, as if you'd been working in that country all along, to assess whether you're entitled to a pension.

Please feel free to send me more information on this to

I hope that this helps

Des Cooney

by Des Cooney on 02 Dec 2017

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