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I am an Indian citizen and really want to move to Paris. I am decently well off and have a bank balance of around 150,000 euros as well as monthly income of about 5000 euros from investment properties that I fully own without any mortgage or liabilities. Also I own properties worth over 2 million euros and just want to know with an Indian passport - what are my chances of getting residency in France?? I dont want to invest any money in france UNLESS I am sure I will get residency there and I also do not want to do any job or business there - yes if they are willing to give me a resident visa then I will invest some money in french properties and rent them out for income. Can you tell me how easy it would be for me to move to france considering my financial status?? Bear in mind my Indian citizenship and the fact that I own all my assets in India but everything is verifiable of course.

Thanks a lot.

by Indianguy on 26 Sep 2009
Tony Martin

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The first thing you must do is make contact with the French Embassy in India, they will be able to help you if you wish to move to France. This is a link to one of the websites:

Secondly, as a resident of France you would have to pay a wealth tax on all your assets throughout the world( there are exceptions on works of art for example ), France is one of the few countries that has a wealth tax.


by Tony Martin on 05 Oct 2009

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