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I am an actress living in the US, but I would like to relocate to France for a while. Not quite sure how long. I am in a relationship with an American/British citizen in Paris.

Anyway, I have no idea where to begin with this visa business. I want to have the possibility open to attend French courses, accept freelance work, and travel back and forth... I have an LLC I could be hired through, if that helps at all.

But right now I just want to be sure I can be in the country, long-term, legally. Any advice? Thanks!

by Kendal on 12 Sep 2009
Tony Martin

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Dear Kendal,

From my experience of Americans in France they have to initially make contact with the nearest French CONSULATE to where they live and make application to come France this is the link to the Website, you it has all the information you require.

As you are an Actress why not contact your professional organization in USA and see if they have an exchange scheme with the appropriate organization in France.


by Tony Martin on 21 Sep 2009

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