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I am a Career Counselor in Houston Texas working with MBA's. Some of my students are curious about working outside the United States but are not sure where to start looking for jobs. I am getting mixed signals from the internet; some job sites list a lot of jobs overseas but not much for MBA's. Other company resources tell me that getting a management level job is very rare with a company overseas. Can you shed some light on this?
Thank you!

by Troy on 09 Mar 2010
Xavier Martinez Salcedo

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Hi Troy,

There are opportunities outside of the United States and specially for MBA graduates. Obviously, the concern of many companies is the return of the investment a relocation means but you should target International Companies if possible with Graduate Recruitment programs into place. Obviously, it's going to be harder to get an offer overseas for a management role straight after school. For international transfers, companies usually prefer to hire candidates with previous international exposure. If this is not your case, it will help your application to get some before actually applying (either educational or professional) to show your interest and fast adaptation not only to new functions and working atmospheres but also to a new country and culture. It is always a good idea to start by getting information from the career services in your business school which should give you some guidance and might possibly have a network of companies they have been building partnerships with. You should also have a look to countries enhancing knowledge migrant Visas and choose the right companies supporting them.

You can do your research and once you have shortlisted your list of priorities, apply through the major job boards and networking sites depending on your industries and countries of choice. Then again, I would need more detailed information to assess you further in your search. I hope the insight I gave is useful.
Good luck and best regards,


by Xavier Martinez Salcedo on 11 Mar 2010

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