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Hi Vicent. We are a expat family in Paris for more than a year now. The kids go to an international school and their French is still not good enough. Can you recommend an intensive language course in St Germain en Laye area or a summer camp in France or even in Canada that they could attend to give a push to their French? Thanks in advance, Ana

by Ana on 14 Jan 2015
Vincent Anthonioz

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Bonjour Ana,

Thank you for your question!
We are not located near Paris, but there are probably some summer (or spring) camps around your location with different activities available for French kids. This is a good way for foreign kids to be immersed and learn quickly.
We can also recommend our programmes where kids can take at least one lesson per week with a professional teacher via Skype: A lot of kids are doing that and it is very efficiency. See the children course info here:

Do not hesitate to contact for any more questions.

Bonne journée,
Vincent Anthonioz

by Vincent Anthonioz on 19 Jan 2015

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