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Rebecca Watkins


Hi Steven,
We are selling our house in France on the 10th October 2016 and will have 900k to deposit somewhere in euros until we purchase some land in the next six months. Then we will need to access some of it easily. I have all this to arrange in the next 11 days and am wondering what to do? I have a current account with Credit Agricole where the money will be paid into on the 10th. Can you give me any advice as to where to put it quickly?

by Rebecca Watkins on 26 Sep 2016
Steven Grover

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French banks will currently guarantee up to €100,000 per account holder/per bank, however if this amount comes from the sale of a property this amount is temporally raised to €500,000 for 3 months only from the date the amount is deposited in the account.

However if you were long as to where to place it short term and what types of investments to use we would need to look at your circumstance in more details before we could give you any advice. So I would suggest contacting me directly to look at this in more detail.

Kind Regards


by Steven Grover on 30 Sep 2016

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