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Nick Morgan


Hi Patricia,
I'm looking to set up as self employed in Rennes as I have s been offered work there. I'll be installing kitchens and plumbing systems but only for two weeks a month.
I have been told that I need insurances different to what we have in the UK can you advise please to what I'll require and if possible any information to how you set up the whole system.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Nick Morgan

by Nick Morgan on 14 Sep 2015
Patricia Moerland

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Hi Nick,

To become a sole-entrepreneur (autoentrepreneur) in the building and construction sector or/and as a plumber, you must have a diploma or equivalent (CAP, BEP) or provide the proof of a professional experience of 3 effective years acquired as an independent worker or employee in those activities.
Your registration in the trades directory is compulsory as a crafsman; this is to be accomplished at the "Chambre des Métiers de Rennes" (Chamber of Trades and Crafts).

You will have to subscribe a compulsory social security and pension insurance, for you personnally.
This also requires a Professional Liability or ARCP insurance as well as an (usually expensive) decennial insurance that will ensure your work for a period of 10 years.

As sole-entrepreneur (autoentrepreneur) in the building sector you are not subject to VAT so, if you purchase
goods for resale to your clients, you do not collect VAT.
If you don't want this, choose another legal form (Eurl or SAS).

So, come over to France with all your translated diplomas and certificates proving that you know the
job with a practice of at least 3 years.

All the best and good luck,

Patricia Moerland

by Patricia Moerland on 03 Oct 2015

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