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HI Janice,

I find the French to be arrogant and discriminatory. I have been unable to find a job despite having a Ph.D and being fluent in French.

Dewi from India

by Dewi on 16 Apr 2010
Janice Barnett

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Dear Dewi,

The French can be incredibly proud and certainly stick up for themselves and this can often come across as arrogant and discriminatory to us ‘outsiders’.

You do not say why it is you wish to live and work in France. If it is to use your language skills, there are many other countries in the world where speaking French is an asset. Perhaps you could explore these.

I do not know which industry you wish to work in but, with the recent global recession, many companies are laying people off.

That aside, there are also many French people with Ph.Ds who also have the experience of working in French enterprises, so look at what you have that sets you apart as an individual.

You did not mention what feedback, if any, you have received from the applications you have submitted. It may well be that your CV is not in a form and style that the French recognise. I’d be happy to show it to a French business colleague of mine if you would care to send it to me.


by Janice Barnett on 16 Apr 2010

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