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Barrie Brett


Hi, I am moving to France to live with my girlfriend who has a house there. I am self employed and work from home buying and selling vintage HIFI on the internet, I also repair and service vintage HIFI equipment. My business falls below current VAT ceiling. I do have debts and may have to go bankrupt at some point before I finally move. I would love to have some expert help as to my best option to move forward or to put me in touch with someone in France. Thanks

by Barrie Brett on 15 Sep 2015
Patricia Moerland

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Dear Barrie,

I strongly advise you to consult an Expatica specialist in legal matters for your country. As you speak about bankrupcy and debts, this sounds quite serious and needs to be quickly settled.

Do this before moving over to France. After that, you will feel free to startup again in France as a self employed in the same activity or in another.

Best regards,

Patricia Moerland

by Patricia Moerland on 03 Oct 2015

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