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I am a UK national living in Switzerland, am considering living in France and I currently have the opportunity to work for a UK company again.
I am trying to understand what are the best options:
- Stay working in Switzerland and live in France (G permit) as lower cost of living
- Move back to the UK as a full time employee
- Become a full time employee in France

Can you tell me how much tax and social contributions I would pay on each scenario?
Many thanks

by Lar on 15 Jan 2018
Eliane Rakotonoel

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Dear Lar

To answer your query, you will need to provide us with figures, your marital status, number of children etc...
this could not be displayed publically, so we advise you to contact us by email, for confidentiality purposes.
Kind regards,


by Eliane Rakotonoel on 19 Jan 2018

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