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Hi Eliane,
My question is not exactly relating to tax issue, but I could not find a category that fits, so perhaps you could help me.
My husband did some installation work for a French company, and they have not paid all their invoices. We have strong reasons to believe that they have used the unpaid invoices for an insurance claim.
I am trying to find out which insurance company they are insured with in order to investigate the claim, but not having much luck.
Is there such thing in France as an insurance claim registry?
Where do you suggest I should investigate?
Thank you in advance!

by Stephanie on 22 May 2018
Eliane Rakotonoel

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Dear Stephanie,

I am afraid, I don’t know if such registry exists.
Sorry for not being able to help.
Good luck


by Eliane Rakotonoel on 13 Jun 2018

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