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Hi Des,
If I am moving to France and am continuing to work for my English company. How do I pay the cotisations sociales? Does my company have to still pay the employer's part, even though they have no corporate presence there? I believe I am paid gross (they will notify hmrc so that paye doesnt apply) and I will simply file a French tax return and pay my tax there? Thanks for your help

by Paul on 25 Aug 2016
Des Cooney

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Dear Paul,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Employers with no place of business in France are obliged to declare their company and their employees who are French resident to the French social security system. Under this system, companies must declare their employee status with the centre national firmes étrangères (CNFE).

I would suggest that you start with the following guide which includes essential information on the administrative processes involved:

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance?

Des Cooney

by Des Cooney on 01 Sep 2016

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