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Anthony Coombs


Hi Des,

I'm a UK citizen who has lived in France for 20 years in full employment with a French contract. Previously, I worked in the UK. Recently, I received a statements from AGRIC on my estimate pension for my retirement age starting at age 62 onward. I'm seriously thinking of taking early retirement at the age of 62 due to a long career starting at the age of 16. This would be in 4 years' time when I'm 62 - giving 24 years of contributions to the French system. My question is whether AGRIC and the state pensions would be granted to me at 62? Can you see any reasons why this would not be granted? I'm also concerned about BREXIT and whether this would affect anything??

Many Thanks


by Anthony Coombs on 06 Apr 2017
Des Cooney

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Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The legal minimum or earliest retirement age in France is 62. In terms of AGIRC, my understanding is that the amount of the supplementary pension depends on the number of points that you would have accumulated month after month.

As you will not have contributed to the full state pension term, your pension rates on retirement at 62 will be calculated on the number of years you contributed. It appears that you will be eligible for both pensions at 62. However, you should contact the French pension authorities to clarify your position:

The situation around Brexit is still unclear. The UK government has pledged to negotiate protections for expatriate pensioners in the wake of the Brexit vote. You may wish to consider applying for French citizenship if you intend to retire in France. If you need advice on transferring any existing pensions from the UK, please let me know?

I hope that this helps.



by Des Cooney on 11 Apr 2017

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