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Jane Smith


Hi Des,

I am a UK citizen, married to a Belgian living in France.

We came to France when he a European Mobility Fellowship. I am not working we have a child of 6. He has his pension accumulation through the University, but we cannot find anybody who can tell me if I am accumulating pension contributions during the 3 years we have been here in my own right as wife.

If not I should pay voluntary contributions to the UK for the last 3 years.

by Jane Smith on 13 Apr 2017
Des Cooney

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Hi Jane,

Thanks for your enquiry. There must be someone in the HR/Personnel department of the university that can throw some light on this. I would certainly consider making Class 3 voluntary contributions in the UK in order to to fill in the gaps. You need to contact HMRC about this. You can pay monthly via Direct Debit or make one off payments by telegraphic transfer.

I hope that this helps.



by Des Cooney on 14 Apr 2017

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