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Hello Patricia,

I'm going to work for a investment bank in Paris but I'm waiting for a better opportunity. If I have a contract for 3 years and want to leave this company what is the notice time? Do I have to pay anything to the company? How does that work?

Thanks for the help.
Best regards

by Ana on 08 Dec 2015
Patricia Moerland

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You don’t mention it here but the type of contract you’ve got is probably a « CDD de mission ». This means that it may be broken under strict conditions and preferably for serious reasons, on both sides. If initiated by the employer, you will get a compensation equal to 10% of your total gross salary.
As you would like to initiate the contract rupture, I strongly advise you to do so after 18 or 24 months (legal period of time), with a serious reason, and to negociate.

Best regards,
Patricia Moerland

by Patricia Moerland on 09 Dec 2015

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