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Morag Paterson


Hello .... just to be SURE I read Expatica's great information re French pensions correctly.... if I (as a British citizen) worked for LESS than a total of 10 years in France (in 1970s and 1980s), then there is NO French pension possible?

Thanks in advance for clarifying (while I add up the years to double check ...)


by Morag Paterson on 23 Apr 2018
Des Cooney

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Hi Morag,

Thank you for your question.

As mentioned in answer to a similar question previously, you need to request the terms of your employment contract with your previous employer(s) in France to see how the retirement gratuity / benefits are calculated.

There is a minimum period of time (10 years) that one has to work in France before being eligible to receive a French pension.

I hope that this helps

Des Cooney

by Des Cooney on 02 May 2018

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