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Hello Janice,
Thank you for taking my request. I am looking to open a small elegant boutique in New York with new and exciting skin care and or cosmetics from France. I am not sure how to find these companies but I did find the upcoming Cosmetics Beauty Products Trade show in Paris this April. Is this a way to get started? I am an American and live in New York City. I speak some French and am trying to improve it!
Thanks very much!
Kind Regards,
Terry Walrath

by Terryann on 03 Mar 2010
Janice Barnett

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Hi TerryAnn

France has always been seen as a leader in the beauty industry and the sophistication and chic-ness of French women is second to none, who wouldn’t want a piece of this?
The upcoming Cosmetics Beauty Products Trade show in Paris this April sounds a great place to start and having a list of exhibitors will provide you with some useful contacts in the industry.

What is your goal? Do you have a clear picture of what you wish to achieve and by when? What do you need to know, learn or have to make your dream happen? Perhaps making lists under these three headings will help you establish your priorities. Under the ‘learn’ list you have already highlighted ‘French language’, you may also wish to find out more about the ingredients used or what the process is for importing the products into the US.

What other sources, other than trade fares, exist that you could tap into? The internet is an amazing reservoir of knowledge, as are magazines, company literature and the beauty counters in shops. You say that you wish to sell ‘new and exciting’ skincare and cosmetics – is there a boutique or chain that you are modelling your own boutique on? Are you targeting a particular market (age group? Salary bracket? Life style?) Who is your ideal client? Are you looking to tap into the organic and natural product market (very big here is France, with wonderful creams and potions made from plants grown in country- Caudelie specialise in grape based products whilst Occitane use olives and lavender from the south).

Be clear about what it is you want then speak to as many people as you can who can offer advice, guidance and support. Remember, people enjoy talking about their passion and will be happy to tell you about this industry if you ask the right questions.

wishing you all the very best


by Janice Barnett on 04 Mar 2010

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