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I hope you can answer my question though it's about rental, not buying or selling.
- Apartment I rented is a studio that has a mezzanine. Rent was calculated as if mezzanine is full-height separate floor, when in reality it's not (you cannot stand up there), so apartment that's officially 25m2 was rented as 40m2. Is there anything I can do about it?
- Some months ago it turned out renovation was done badly and there was risk of fire, so in half of the apartment electricity was disconnected and never fixed after that. Should the rent have been adjusted?
- There is severe mold or/and other smell that owner hasn't done anything about for 9 month (ever since I moved in). I have been sick with respiratory problems ever since. Is there anything that can be done about this? (I am not staying in the apartment anymore).
- Does owner have legal right to forbid Airbnb sublet? I rented the place out for 10 days during 9 months, and owner threatens with legal action.
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by Laura on 30 Sep 2017
Susie Hollands

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Thank you for your email.

You cannot sublet unless expressly allowed in your lease

The owner has a duty of care to make sure you live in healthy conditions

I would suggest you seek help from ADIL at your local Mairie with these technical questions they will need to study your lease in detail to be able to help

by Susie Hollands on 05 Oct 2017

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