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Cecilia Cunningham, LCSW


Hello, I am a social worker in the United States and am working with a woman who collects a small pension from France. She said that it is the French equivalent to our Social Security Program. I am trying to help her apply for assistance with her electric bill and need to document her income. The money is direct deposited into her checking account. She has not received any statements or letters about this income in a long time. The deposit in her account is from "Carsat Centre Ipstoach" with a series of numbers after it. How can we get a statement of her benefits? This is a pressing issue because she is behind on her bill and has a shut off notice. Thank you very much. C.Cunningham

by Cecilia Cunningham, LCSW on 21 Mar 2018
Des Cooney

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Dear Cecilia,

Thank you for your email. I am afraid that there is not a lot I can do to help you, other than suggest that you write to the Retirement/Insurance centre direct and request a statement on her behalf. You should be able to access their contact details online.

Best Regards

Des Cooney

by Des Cooney on 03 Apr 2018

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