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Karen Davis


Can I refuse a divorce in France? What happens at the court hearing and can I have the date changed?

by Karen Davis on 11 Dec 2016
Guillaume Barlet

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Dear Karen,

Your question is ambiguous and in order to answer your question, more information is needed.

Nonetheless, if your question is about refusing divorce, French law allows the spouse wishing to divorce to follow a procedure entitling him/her to do so.

If your question is about getting divorced in France rather than another jurisdiction, this depends on the situation and I cannot comment further on this point. The key points being where the spouses are habitually residents and what is their nationality.

Regarding appearing or being represented at a Court hearing, this depends on the stage of the procedure and the reasons to request a postponement. Additional elements would be necessary to understand the situation on this point.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Guillaume Barlet-Batada

by Guillaume Barlet on 21 Feb 2017

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