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Jason V


Good day Ms. Moerland,
I'm a British citizen married and living in Paris. I am planning to start a 4 month contract as an IT consultant to a large French company (marketing technology adviser).
I've read a lot but still cannot decide on what approach to take. I could go down the auto-entrepreneur route but will exceed the 32,900e limit within the duration of the contract. I have also considered going with "webportage", they seem to have a comprehensive service but they are rather expensive.
I've also considered setting up a company structure but that may too much overhead.
Perhaps it's possible to be auto-entrepreneur until the limit had been reach and then change my status?
As I mentioned my contract will be 4 months initially, it may be extended after the 4 month period. If it's not extended I may well take a second contract so you can consider that the independent contractor status will be long term and not just for 4 months. Thank you very much for any advise you can offer.

by Jason V on 03 Jul 2017
Patricia Moerland

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Dear Jason,
Why don't you just go for a CDD contract with the company ? It is renewable once and gives you time to decide whether you would like to become an independent contractor afterwards. Concerning the CDD contract and the auto-entrepreneur status, read through my previous posts.
Best regards,
Patricia Moerland

by Patricia Moerland on 12 Jul 2017

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