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David Stamp


Dear Steven
My french wife and I are considering relocating to Bordeaux with our young family. We have cash from my house sale in the UK (~€800k) and we are considering what to do with it. We would be interested to explore investing some of this capital.
I am concerned at the moment about my ability to work in France due to my limited French and commuting is only a short term option. As such I am considering (i) mid-long investment to build capital income (ii) Income generation - something to help while I improve my french.
Can you provide any advice on this topic?
Appreciate your time.

by David Stamp on 02 Mar 2017
Steven Grover

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Steve Grover - Spectrum
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Mon 06/03, 17:56
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Hi David,

Thank you for your message.

We would need to look at your individual circumstances to be able to give you a more detailed response to this, however using an offshore Assurance Vie could be an option for you. This would allow you to build up capital and take an income in the most tax efficient way. Please contact me directly on and we can arrange to have a quick discussion over the phone to see where we might be able to assist you.

Kind Regards


by Steven Grover on 08 Mar 2017

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