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Melissa Lee


Dear Patricia
We are finding it hard to understand the best way to set up our new lives in France, particularly with regards to entering the French Social Security system with a view to healthcare entitlements etc. I work as a remote PA with clients in England and am paid into my English bank account and am self employed with HMRC. My partner is a writer and has no regular income at the moment. Would it be better for me to set up as self employed in France, get my clients to pay me into our french bank account and pay into the French tax system? Micro-Entrepreneur? And then would we both have access to the social security system? I would be really grateful for clarity as despite everything available to read on the internet and us both being intelligent people we just can't figure it out!
With huge thanks Melissa

by Melissa Lee on 24 Jan 2018
Patricia Moerland

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Dear Melissa,
As a British citizen living in France, I would suggest that you register as an auto/micro-entrepreneur and open an account at a bank in France.
This will ease your situation with regard to the tax bodies in both countries.

As an auto/micro-entrepreneur, you have the "right" to a social security number (compulsory anyway) and will have to pay your social and retirement contributions. In order to do so, go to the CCI - CFE (centre de formalités des entreprises) of your region. They will help you there.
Best regards,

by Patricia Moerland on 26 Jan 2018

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