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Cindy Powell


Dear Patricia, I am a US citizen currently living in France on a long-stay visa. For the moment, I am not working. However, I am exploring the possibility of doing freelance writing and marketing work for US clients from here. I would earn US dollars from US businesses and deposit them in a US bank, withdrawing money from ATMs in France for living expenses here. Would this be in violation of a long-stay visa? Thank you in advance!

by Cindy Powell on 21 Sep 2016
Patricia Moerland

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Dear Cindy,
You were granted a long-stay visa because you've been able to prove that your earnings were suffisant and because you declared you would not carry out any professional activity IN France.
As long as your activity remains in the US, there doesn't seem to be any problem with that. There are many people working remotely nowadays and one don't even know where from.
But still, have a double check with a lawyer whether the authorities make a difference between working IN France and working FROM France.
Best regards,

by Patricia Moerland on 23 Sep 2016

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