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John Rainger


Dear Elaine,

My wife and I are UK citizens, UK tax payers, nearing retirement, and have a house (not rented) in France since 2002, but spend less than 6 months a year there. With the uncertainty around Brexit, we are considering applying for French permanent residency.
In this case will we have to be taxed in France? Does it make any difference whether we spend more or less than 183 days there a year? Our preference would be to remain UK tax payers.

Many thanks for your assistance

by John Rainger on 25 Jan 2018
Eliane Rakotonoel

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Dear John,

When you will become tax resident in France, depending on the nature of your income, it can be taxable in France or in the source country, depending on the dispositions of the tax treaty signed between France and that country.
Concerning your future UK pensions for example, if you are currently working fora government agency or in the private sector, they will be taxed in UK or in France, they first category in the UK, the second one in France.
In any case, each should be declared in France, since worldwide income must de reported in France, however, ther will be no double taxation, thanks to the tax treaty since between France and the UK.

If you want us to estimate in the income tax amount due, please contact us directly at

I hope this will help.
Kind regards,

Eliane Rakotonoel

by Eliane Rakotonoel on 01 Feb 2018

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