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I'm thinking of setting up an online mag - a monthly, culturally-orientated in French and English, based in the south of France (antibes) something of the density and leel of the lieterary mag the Paris review. What advice would you give me on funding and publicity. Would it be possible to start without capital investment using a free online tool and build it from there? Many thanks, Carol McCloskey

by carol on 11 Aug 2009
Egle Karalyte

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Hello Carol,

Thank you for your question.

Starting an online magazine is a challenge, but if you have identified a clear focus and niche audience (as it seems like it), then congratulations!

I would advice on starting small, creating quality content around clearly defined subject matters (thus establishing your positioning and brand), gathering a community around your magazine, and then growing organically while listening to your readers.

You can start your magazine in the blog format using one of the open-source platforms such as Wordpress. E.g. has started and is growing in this fashion successfully.

For the online magazine, it is extremely important to make sure that ALL components of your magazine are flawless - content, design, technology. People will read your magazine online, thus you need to think about the overall experience you will be providing for them; not just the content.

As for the promotions, I suggest reading through the resources and guides published by Hubspot, leading online marketing company -
They should give you some ideas to start with; some of them you can implement yourself.

As for the investment - it all depends on how web savvy you are. If you have no skills in web design, then I highly recommend working with a good web strategist at the beginning to help you save time (you won't need to deal with the designer, developer, seo expert -- which can become a nightmare and won't allow you to focus on your business creation), make the right decisions, and go towards a successful direction.

You should work with your web strategist to help you define your online presence, select the right designer and developer, and guide you through the website's development and launch. The investment could range from 3000-10000 euros for a good basic website created with all web standards in place. The price depends on functionalities and the time needed from the web strategist. Of course, different strategists work differently; so you might want to "hunt around" first before deciding to go forwards with a specific person.

Hope this helps.


by Egle Karalyte

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