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I’m a French native and I have travelled in many countries and besides France; I have lived in England, Canada and the USA. I have worked for many years in the hospitality and travel business and later in the communication and education fields. I have a true passion for travelling and discovering new countries and cultures and have thrived on my experiences of living in different foreign lands. I understand perfectly well the difficulties and frustrations you can encounter when you start a new life in a foreign country. I truly enjoy teaching French as well as talk about the French culture and help the newcomers adapt and settle in their new country.


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Bonjour Vincent,

My husband and I are retiring to the Dordogne in a small village in 11K from Riberac in mid-summer this year.

Do you know of anyone in that area that would tutor us in France?

Thank you so much for your help!


by Betsy on 04 Apr 2018 Read Answer

Hi Vincent,
I am planning to take my 7-year-old son to France for 2 months. Will I be able to register my son in a local school there near the end of the school year for just 2 months? We come from Canada. My son is a UK citizen, he is attending a French Immersion school and reads, writes and speaks French.

by Jewel on 28 Aug 2015 Read Answer

Do you know what Language diploma /certificate I would need to present in order to work in France? Thank you

by Alicia on 25 May 2015 Read Answer

Hi Vincent,
I have an opportunity to take a 1 year sabbatical from my job and would like to study French in France (I am Canadian). Do you know if there are only certain schools that I can attend In order to be granted a long-term visa? I am interested in the following schools: Institut de Touraine, Alliance Francaise de Rouen and Institut de Francais.
Thank you for your help

by Stephanie on 18 Mar 2015 Read Answer

Hi Vicent. We are a expat family in Paris for more than a year now. The kids go to an international school and their French is still not good enough. Can you recommend an intensive language course in St Germain en Laye area or a summer camp in France or even in Canada that they could attend to give a push to their French? Thanks in advance, Ana

by Ana on 14 Jan 2015 Read Answer

Hi Vincent,

I am a US citizen and am looking for affordable french language courses in Paris. I cannot seem to find a course that is less than 5000 Euros for 6 months. Any suggestions? My French is beginner.


by Caitlin on 26 Nov 2014 Read Answer

I am looking for some intensive classes - i used to speak reasonable French a zillion years ago. Now I living in Paris and need to speak French again..what would you recommend? I am open to online learning too.

by Amanda on 11 Aug 2011 Read Answer

hello, my name is jessie, I was born in england and moved to france when 12. I speak English and French fluently. I'm currently trying to set up my own business here in Auvergne. A business which consisted of being a door to door translator. let me try and explain : I would like to help english people moving to France communicate with, for example, their plumber, the carpenter, get their Internet connections sorted out, help with the estate agencies etc. would you be prepared to help me, by, first, letting me know what you think of the idea? this would be of great help to me.
thank you very much
jessie knight

by jessie on 16 Jun 2010 Read Answer

can you recommend a good intensive French language school which has residential programs for 1-2 weeks. While I am not a beginner, I really need to take my French to the next level. I am based in the Var but willing to travel.

by suzie on 21 Mar 2010 Read Answer
Lesley Morris

Hi Vincent

am about to start house hunting in France and was told by a fellow traveller that it will soon be a requirement to be able to speak French before you move there. Do you know anything about this. My intention is to have language lessons upon arrival.



by Lesley Morris on 16 Dec 2008 Read Answer

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