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I operate a help Centre for English speaking people who live in France or moving to France. I have a BSC Hon in Economics.


Currently inactive and not able to take new questions!

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karen moore

I'm a Canadian citizen and have been asked by a U.K. citizen if and how I could relocate with him to France?

by karen moore on 22 May 2012 Read Answer

Hi Expert,

My fiancée and I want to move to France. He is currently an US citizen and living there. I am from the Netherlands. Knowing that I can just move the question is: what are his options. How do we apply for a long term visa and what are our possibilities? What are the requirements to get a long term visa? Is there any websites that may give me more information?


by Claudia on 28 Apr 2012 Read Answer
Sharon Barber

Hi, I am thinking of selling on flea markets and 2nd hand markets, in South West France, do I need a permit or is it similar to the UK where you turn up and just pay stall rent, many thanks, any information on selling in France on markets would be great, regards, Sharon

by Sharon Barber on 15 Oct 2010 Read Answer
Janice barnett

Hi Tony, we have moved to france and brought our 1996 Audi with us. How do we go about getting it registered here (is it possible?)? Thanks

by Janice barnett on 16 Nov 2009 Read Answer

I am an American married to a French woman. We currently reside in the US. What are my rights for working in France?

by Bruce on 04 Nov 2009 Read Answer

I am an American citizen with permanent residency in Germany (Niederlassungserlaubnis) and am considering moving to France to reside.

What is the formal procedure and is this doable? I am a retiree with sufficient income to provide for myself.

by Mike on 11 Oct 2009 Read Answer

When relocating all my household possessions, what kind the things can't be imported to France?

by Michael on 29 Sep 2009 Read Answer

I am an Indian citizen and really want to move to Paris. I am decently well off and have a bank balance of around 150,000 euros as well as monthly income of about 5000 euros from investment properties that I fully own without any mortgage or liabilities. Also I own properties worth over 2 million euros and just want to know with an Indian passport - what are my chances of getting residency in France?? I dont want to invest any money in france UNLESS I am sure I will get residency there and I also do not want to do any job or business there - yes if they are willing to give me a resident visa then I will invest some money in french properties and rent them out for income. Can you tell me how easy it would be for me to move to france considering my financial status?? Bear in mind my Indian citizenship and the fact that I own all my assets in India but everything is verifiable of course.

Thanks a lot.

by Indianguy on 26 Sep 2009 Read Answer

I am an actress living in the US, but I would like to relocate to France for a while. Not quite sure how long. I am in a relationship with an American/British citizen in Paris.

Anyway, I have no idea where to begin with this visa business. I want to have the possibility open to attend French courses, accept freelance work, and travel back and forth... I have an LLC I could be hired through, if that helps at all.

But right now I just want to be sure I can be in the country, long-term, legally. Any advice? Thanks!

by Kendal on 12 Sep 2009 Read Answer
Lucy Francis

My partner has been asked to provide a family record book before he can sign his contract, could you please tell me what this is and how to get one as the company is not shedding any light on this. Alex does not have a family record book. Alex has also been asked for a police record number 3 check - he had a CRB check done in the UK a couple of years ago but this appears to carry no weight with the French system. Please help as we are concerned that he is going over to sign the contract at the end of September and I don't think we have the neccessary documentation. Thank you in advance, Lucy and Alex.

by Lucy Francis on 01 Sep 2009 Read Answer

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