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Susie Hollands is founder & director of VINGT Paris which she created because she sensed there was a need for a truly personalized real estate service that offered full, turnkey services uniquely adapted to each client. VINGT Paris is a bespoke real estate agency aimed at people who want to turn their Parisian fantasy into reality. At VINGT Paris, business is based around building successful relationships – the team's relationship to you and your relationship to the city. Susie strongly believes in a personalised approach and listening to people’s needs and wants. Susie and the team's intimate knowledge of Paris life combined with our expertise in French real estate makes VINGT Paris your perfect partner to help you realise your dream of living the Parisian life.


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Graham Pritchard

Hi, I am currently in the process of having a house built in the Dordogne. Should my wife and I be considering whether this should be in joint names or just the one of us? Are their tax implications depending upon which route we go down?
Thanking you in advance,

by Graham Pritchard on 02 May 2018 Read Answer

We have a short term apartment rental (5months) i France. After 4 weeks there has been a leak in the bathroom ceiling above the toilet. As of today which is now 7 weeks since first reporting this, it is still not fixed. The landlord suspended a container from the ceiling to catch the water (a fair amount) and we have to put a bucket underneath to catch the overflow. We have contacted them numerous times about health / safety issues, sending pictures of the containers, the colour of the water, the spillages on the floor of and also to get a timeline for repair (which we do not have as of today). We feel that it not legal to ask us (with a young family and a daughter who has a underlying respiratory illness) to live along side this hazard. We read our rights and feels that they fail to provide decent accommodation during the tenancy as we clearly have a breech in water tight property alongside ceilings in good state of repair. In order to be ‘decent’ the property should not present any risk to the physical, security, or health of the occupants, and should be sufficiently provided with services and facilities that enable normal occupation." They have offered a 200 euro per month reduction (rental is 500 euro per week) or be relocated - neither of which we feel is appropriate. We refused to be relocated as we selected that property and entered into an agreement for that property only (not any other). We have requested to mutually agree the tenancy and receive a pro rata refund of rental (which the fun amount was paid up front) to which she has refused. She states that the apartment is perfectly habitable and presents no health issues to us. Can you advise please.

by ROBERT on 16 Feb 2018 Read Answer


I am interested in sustainable housing in France, but I have a couple of questions for it. Could help me with this?

For a sustainable project I want to know how French people buy their houses. For example via Estate Agents? Or platforms on the internet?
What segments are there in housing in France?
What does the French target group find important if a house costs between 200.000 euros and 500.000 euros: like how many rooms do they expect? is there a kitchen, how many m2?

I hope you could help me with this!

Kind regards,


by Lisa on 03 Oct 2017 Read Answer

I hope you can answer my question though it's about rental, not buying or selling.
- Apartment I rented is a studio that has a mezzanine. Rent was calculated as if mezzanine is full-height separate floor, when in reality it's not (you cannot stand up there), so apartment that's officially 25m2 was rented as 40m2. Is there anything I can do about it?
- Some months ago it turned out renovation was done badly and there was risk of fire, so in half of the apartment electricity was disconnected and never fixed after that. Should the rent have been adjusted?
- There is severe mold or/and other smell that owner hasn't done anything about for 9 month (ever since I moved in). I have been sick with respiratory problems ever since. Is there anything that can be done about this? (I am not staying in the apartment anymore).
- Does owner have legal right to forbid Airbnb sublet? I rented the place out for 10 days during 9 months, and owner threatens with legal action.
Best regards,

by Laura on 30 Sep 2017 Read Answer

Let me introduce myself. I am 54 years old Indian national and working in Dubai since last 14 years. This month I have visited Paris with my family (wife & daughter 23 years old) and like the country very much. I thought I should have a 2 Bed Room apartment in Paris. Could you please help me out, how to buy & how much it will cost to me.

by Rajendra on 24 May 2017 Read Answer
johnny harrison

15 years ago we bought a 3 bedroom apartment in Meribel. I believe the SCI rules have changed. What sort of tax percentage will we pay if we sell our capital gains (as its a SCI). What are our options for renting?

by johnny harrison on 06 Apr 2016 Read Answer

Hi, It would be my first visit to Paris along with my wife and little daughter, in July, 2016 and the stay would likely be for four years. Can I find a suitable house for rent up to 600-700 Euros near the location "18 Rue Lord Byron, 75008 Paris, France" as my office is at this place?

by Hassi on 22 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Pam Knapp

I have found an apartment on the website for my son who will begin his second year at the American university of Paris. The apartment owner has communicated well via email. In order to prove financial solvency, and since we are in the United States, he has requested that I send the one month rent and one month deposit via western union, providing a scanned copy of the receipt blacking out the code, as proof of the means to rent. My son will give the code when they meet and sign. Will this work?

by Pam Knapp on 25 Jul 2015 Read Answer

Hello. I have visited France several times with my 27 year old daughter. We are interested in buying a house somewhere in the Lyon/Provence region with my daughter. We have no debt here in the states. My rent is paid by my son in law and I live with my daughter who is employed as well as a graduate school student. I have a small pension. Can we finance 80 to 90 percent of the house we would like to buy and, can we put the closing costs in the mortgage? Can you recommend someone to work with? Thanks

by Linda on 27 Jan 2015 Read Answer
Mohamed Dewidar

Good Day. I've visited France 14 times. I am willing to buy a flat near Paris for investment.
Does this flat grant me a residence in France and what's the minimum budget for a house to buy and get the French residence? I have no intention of working there as I do have a business in Egypt.
What are the steps to get a residence(golden visa) in France? Thanks.

by Mohamed Dewidar on 14 Sep 2014 Read Answer

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