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Steve is a International Financial consultant in France for The Spectrum IFA Group who have been providing independent financial advice to expatriates that have moved to France to either work or retire for over 5 years. He has over 10 years in the Financial Services Industry having managed key accounts for several Multi-National companies in the UK, and now specialises in addressing the unique financial planning needs of expatriates and those with cross-border interests. His philosophy is to fully understand each client’s individual situation and fit solutions to help them achieve their short and long term financial goals using detailed knowledge of international product providers and tax-efficient structures that can assist in asset building, asset protection and, ultimately, estate planning. Although every client is different these solutions can include Regular Savings Plans, Assurance Vie's, International Investments, QROPS, Private Healthcare plans and local mortgages from globally recognised and local providers.


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David Stamp

Dear Steven
My french wife and I are considering relocating to Bordeaux with our young family. We have cash from my house sale in the UK (~€800k) and we are considering what to do with it. We would be interested to explore investing some of this capital.
I am concerned at the moment about my ability to work in France due to my limited French and commuting is only a short term option. As such I am considering (i) mid-long investment to build capital income (ii) Income generation - something to help while I improve my french.
Can you provide any advice on this topic?
Appreciate your time.

by David Stamp on 02 Mar 2017 Read Answer

I am planning to move to Paris in Spring 2018 for 3-4 months to study, using savings to fund the stay. With all the uncertainty around Brexit. I am worried the pound will plunge when the UK triggers Article 50 next month and will not recover (at least to its current rate of exchange). I am wondering if I should open a French bank account now and deposit my savings in Euros. I understand the Credit Agricole's Britline accounts are fairly straightforward to open from the UK. Can you help clarify this? Thanks, Pat

by Pat on 15 Feb 2017 Read Answer

I am trying to complete my first declaration de revenu for 2015, but having trouble providing the documents required.
I am living for free in an apartment in the hotel where I work, but it seems my boss has not declared me as living here so I don't have a contract and he cannot provide a taxe d'habitation for the apartment as it is a part of the hotel. Is there any way around this?
Thanks for any help

by Anna on 27 Jan 2017 Read Answer
Rebecca Watkins

Hi Steven,
We are selling our house in France on the 10th October 2016 and will have 900k to deposit somewhere in euros until we purchase some land in the next six months. Then we will need to access some of it easily. I have all this to arrange in the next 11 days and am wondering what to do? I have a current account with Credit Agricole where the money will be paid into on the 10th. Can you give me any advice as to where to put it quickly?

by Rebecca Watkins on 26 Sep 2016 Read Answer

We have owned a second house in France for a few years and had an account with HSBC France to pay bills. We have now moved from UK to France to live and asked HSBC to change the address on our account to the French address and they have asked for our French fiscal numbers, we don't have them yet as we haven't completed a French tax return now they have asked for our last UK tax returns which I feel is very intrusive and none of their business. I understand they exchange info with the authorities but surely our NI numbers should suffice to do this. Is it a mandatory requirement to do this?

by Poppy on 07 Sep 2016 Read Answer
Lindsey Childs

Hi Steve,

Having been a tax resident in France since 2005 I moved to Spain in April last year. I noted my new Spanish address on my tax return last year for my 2014 earnings. I did not work in 2015.

Am I obliged to complete a French tax return for 2015 income?

Is there any additional requirement under the French system to notify them of my non-residency?

I'm hoping to 'close the door' on completing annual returns in France. However I haven't yet started completing annual returns in Spain, my first will be for 2016 earnings.

Many thanks for your advice.

Best regards

by Lindsey Childs on 28 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Linda Aidan

Hello Steve,

I am a resident of France. I have dual nationality (US/Fra). Could I keep a bank account in say the U.S.? Would I need to declare a bank account in the US as I don't declare it to the US government since I don't get interest? Is there a limit under which I would not have to declare it to the French government?

Kind regards

by Linda Aidan on 12 Apr 2016 Read Answer

We have moved from the UK to France and intend to stay here for a year if you like for an "adult gap year". We transferred enough money beforehand to live off for a year as we still have a property in the UK.
We have registered for habitation tax, but need to know if we also need to complete a tax return in France this year even though neither of us are earning. Do we need to declare our funds transferred to live off for this year as taxable income in France?

by Thelma on 01 Apr 2016 Read Answer


I'm a 28 year old single parent and I currently work for a local authority in the UK. I'm looking to change career in the next year or two as there's nowhere to progress to in my current position. In between leaving my job and taking on another permanent post I've enquired into some seasonal work in France to gain skills and experience and to do something different for a short time.
The company I'm interested in have said that they will not employ me because I have a dependant, firstly if he is sick I would not be able to work (I don't see how this is different to any other job or company) but secondly as I would be required to live on site my son would not be covered by their insurance. I'm guessing as they are based in the UK this is employers liability insurance? Or public liability insurance since he would be living on site not as an employee but not a paying member of the public either.
My question is, if it is possible to clarify what insurance he would need, can I look to insure him personally so the insurance of my son is no longer a barrier to this area of work. And would this be a policy valid under UK law, or would it need to be valid under French law?

Many thanks for your time and advice

by Joanne on 27 Feb 2016 Read Answer
John Arthur

I am a retired UK resident and pay tax at the marginal rate of 40%. I have an Assurance Vie that I took out when working in France. If I make a withdrawal will I have a tax liability either in France or UK?

by John Arthur on 22 Dec 2015 Read Answer

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