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I help people plan 2-3 month stays in France. From personal experience, I’ve found that the issues involved and logistical needs for a 2-3 month stay are quite different than simply planning a vacation or relocating with a company job. I’d love to help you plan your dream sejour! I can offer advice on travel planning, traveling with kids, sejour rentals and how to set up a temporary life in France.


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Jawad Shaik

Hi Laurie
I am Jawad, and I hold a resident
permit till July 2014

I was on work permit from June
2011 to Dec 2012 and then returned
back to my home country

Now I would like to know if French
work permit can be extended . If so
what will be the procedure


Jawad Shaik

by Jawad Shaik on 13 Jul 2013 Read Answer
Re Tovet

Hi, we live in Canada. Planning on buying a camping car in France. Is it possible for us to buy? How to get a plate and insurance for the Recreational vehicule?
Best sites to find camping cars for sale by private owners?
What is the 'carte grise' ?
Thanks for helping

by Re Tovet on 17 Jun 2013 Read Answer

Greetings. I have a question regarding application for a visa to France. Here I will list my current situation and my intentions with regards to a French visa.

I am in my mid 20s, and I came into a sizable inheritance upon the death of a relative. In my savings account is approximately 800,000 euros. It has been my life's dream to move and experience the French culture in all its wonder and glory. I would like to purchase a one bedroom apartment either in Nice or in Menton. I would like to go

by J on 04 Dec 2012 Read Answer

Dear Expert,

I had my passport and driving license stolen 2 weeks ago whilst I have got another passport my license is not going to arrive in time. If I get stopped without actually carrying it what are the penalties?


by paul on 27 Apr 2012 Read Answer

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