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Personal development coach, team builder and trainer, Janice specialises in managing change. No stranger to the expat life (originally from the UK, now in France via Mozambique and the UAE), Janice fully appreciates the excitement, angst, challenges and rewards of living in a different country.


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Lee French

Dear Janice Barnett,

I am currently living in Australia and undertaking lessons to improve my basic knowledge of French. I am looking to move to Paris to be closer to my partner. I have a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and have worked in the environmental industry for the last three years. I am happy to work within Environmental, Teaching, Real Estate or Electrician industries.

I was just wondering if you may have some advice how I may go about this?

Kind Regards,
Lee French

by Lee French on 01 Sep 2017 Read Answer

I'm not sure if this is the right place for my question but:
I have a degree in French but I can feel that knowledge slipping away, working in a U.K. pub. I feel a bit overwhelmed when looking online as I have no speciality and there are too many websites and possibilities (especially if you include the DOMTOMs). What's my best course of action or starting point? My background is mostly customer service (pub, supermarket, restaurant) and factory/warehouse.

I have a U.K. based Admin qualification and a C.E.L.T.A. from a few of years ago. I have had little success with getting teaching work abroad, though, because I'm rather introverted so standing in front of a class goes against my nature.

Thanks, Clyde

by Clyde on 29 Jan 2017 Read Answer

Hi Janice,

I am about to commence an expat role living in Paris, my partner of 6-years (we are a same sex couple) will be moving with me but we are facing some barriers on him being recognised as my partner. We fear this will prevent him from obtaining a working visa, can you provide some advice on the subject?


by Mark on 17 Jan 2012 Read Answer

HI Janice,

I find the French to be arrogant and discriminatory. I have been unable to find a job despite having a Ph.D and being fluent in French.

Dewi from India

by Dewi on 16 Apr 2010 Read Answer

Hi Janice,

Since arriving in 2007, I have been having a hard time adapting to my French husband’s family. They have very different customs and traditions, and expect me to embrace them wholeheartedly. Unfortunately that is not a two-way street. They refuse to try macaroni cheese and claim it’s not real food! And this is just one example.

I love my husband, but his family is just too rude and weird at times! We have had so many fights over this issue that it is causing a severe strain on our marriage.

by Kathie on 15 Apr 2010 Read Answer

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