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I am a French lawyer specialising in French Property Law. Working as a Consultant in a solicitors firm in Central London, Cubism Law, I am running a French Desk dealing with most French legal matters. I assist internationals with the legal issues relating to property purchase, sale and ownership.


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Debra Finerman

This is a difficult question and I hope you can find the solution. I'm an American citizen who wants to refinance my French mortgage loan held by a French bank. The bank refused, so I went to see a mortgage broker who told me maybe one French bank would consider my application. All this because I'm an American citizen and I think FACTA has caused the French banks to back away from American citizens.What should I do to take advantage of the low interest rates right now in France? Thank you.

by Debra Finerman on 10 Sep 2016 Read Answer

We bought a property in France last year and in June 2015 it was ours we moved here in July 2015. We have renovated the house ourselves along with the help of family members as the house was not habitable however we did live there during the renovations from new roof down. We want to sell our house now and move to a bigger one as not much space here. We have been informed by the notate and immobiler that we have to live here for 18 months and also told 2 years or the previous owner can claim any profit we make on the sale which is not going to be anything as the renovation work cost more than the house was purchased for. We don't have the receipts they are asking for as we didn't know we had to keep any and most were lost in the renovations anyway as we were constantly having to buy materials for the renovation. Please can you give the correct advice regarding this as I am getting conflicting information from the notaire and immobile. Many thanks in anticipation

by Jacqui on 01 Mar 2016 Read Answer
Mr Norman Babbedge

My wife and her children are selling their house in France. A buyer was found before Christmas, and my wife and her children signed the compromise and sent it to the selling agent in France. In that compromise they undertook to sell by Feb 15th 2016.

However, following that, the buyer became concerned about a right of way that exists over the property, so he delayed signing whilst he investigated. This was resolved on about 28th Jan when we received a phone call to say a solution had been found and the house sold.

We are going to France for a week on Feb 5th to empty the house etc, and my wife and her children will to sign to give their notaire permission on their behalf when the time comes. The selling agent has indicated that this will take place in March, but has given no further details.

My question is this - can we ask our notaire to delay the final sale until after April 6th as this would suit us for capital gains tax purposes (in the UK)?

Best wishes

by Mr Norman Babbedge on 01 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Ashley Walkley

My French wife and I have recently signed a 3 year lease on an unfurnished apartment in the South of France. However we are unable to occupy the property comfortably due to a lack of hot water in the kitchen.
The following outlines the chain of events:
We viewed the property June 2015 in an unoccupied state at which time all services appeared to be working.
Following protracted negotiations we signed a 3 year lease commencing September 1st. 2015.
The lack of kitchen hot water was not disclosed at time of signing.
However, during the pre-occupancy property inspection by the Real Estate Agent it was I who brought to his attention the lack of hot water in the kitchen which he duly noted on the inspection sheet.
As at time of writing (October 14th. 2015) the hot water still has not been restored.
And we have since discovered from other residents that the problem began mid August 2015 and also effects other apartments in the same riser and on the same system.
Several emailed enquiries to both the Real Estate Agent and property manager as to when the hot water will be restored remain unanswered.
To date we have invested approx. 5,000 Euros in new kitchen appliances etc. - plus two months rent.
Can you please advise what are our rights under these circumstances?
Ashley Walkley

by Ashley Walkley on 14 Oct 2015 Read Answer

I have just read about the '7 day cooling off' period when buying french property. Within this text it said that you may not get this period if you are a Property Professional. Could you please tell me who would be classed as a Property Professional in the eyes of french law.

by Sue on 16 Apr 2015 Read Answer

I rented a place in Paris for 2 years and I left the residence on 20th March. When I left, my landlady said she would have the deposit posted in cheque to me 4-5 weeks after leaving. It has now been over 12 weeks since I have left and she still has no sent me my deposit. She said that it was sent in the post on 20th February which I know it most likely wasn't because I know several ex-tenants who have had the same problem.
I want to take legal action but how when I am in a different country?

by catherine on 10 Mar 2015 Read Answer
Caroline Le Barbier

Dear Sir,

I have found your website and my question is: I own a property in South Brittany, a fully renovated stonehouse and now I changed career and moved abroad,

I would like to sell my house and would be very grateful to have any advice- where can I sell it ? is it possible on your website ?

Is there any equivalent of "housebuyers" buying houses for cash and fast ?

With many thanks,

Looking forward to hearing from you,


by Caroline Le Barbier on 20 Feb 2015 Read Answer
beatriz and julian

A tricky one for you, we own a block of flats. The flat next door was abandoned and looked dangerous. We informed both the town hall and our insurance (GAN) but they didn't do anything. Now the block next door has collapsed, damaging our block and our insurance says we are not covered as it was avoidable. The other block wasn't insured. What can we do? Our block now is in danger to collapse as well. What do you advise? Thanks

by beatriz and julian on 20 Nov 2014 Read Answer
Ally Hillman

My parents own a small studio apartment. We would, with my two sisters' agreement, like to buy or transfer ownership of the studio from them. What is the easiest and cheapest way to do this?

by Ally Hillman on 13 Oct 2013 Read Answer
Neil Burrows

Please can you tell me if a property owner has a right of access to an electricity and telecomms junction box that is located 2m into a neighbors land, and can they have it moved onto their own land without the neighbors permission?

by Neil Burrows on 16 Jan 2013 Read Answer

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