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Fabienne Harris


Fabienne Harris


ABA Support for Special Needs


Child Psychologist and ABA consultant

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Fully licensed and experienced Psychologist, expert in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Behavioral Problems, she designs and coordinates ABA programs at the children's homes. Fluent in both English and French.


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robert smith

Hi I live in Alsace near Basel with my wife and son aged 6. He has attended the local ecole maternal and this year started CP.

The issue is he does not speak French very well. In fact he does not speak very much at all in either French or English.

My wife is Thai and only speaks English at home with him as we thought it best for him to start with English (this may well have been an error)

Otherwise he is quite bright and has not problems with computers math etc.

The school seems ill-equipped to cope with this because we live in a small village.

My French is passable but my grammer and accent is poor.

Can you suggest what we might be able to do about this ?

Kind Regards
Robert Smith

by robert smith on 11 Sep 2009 Read Answer

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