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Eliane Rakotonoel, General Manager and a former executive of French multinational Alstom, created ELITAX in July 2000 to provide a premium tax advisory and support service for the expatriate community, international Human Resource (HR) managers, relocation companies and foreign e-sellers doing business in France. Well-informed on the difficulties the expatriate community faces when it comes to tax matters in France, Elitax’s services span the full spectrum of tax advice, assistance and support to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Our primary focus is income tax returns and wealth tax returns, where we assist individual clients on the positioning, preparation and processing of their tax returns. Elitax caters to a wide range of clients, from self-employed individuals, salaried employees, to small-and-medium size companies and CAC 40 multinationals. We also provide services for students, independents and retirees.


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I had a titre de séjour for France in 2016 and paid income taxes in France in 2016 (as well as in the US and in Belgium). I moved to Belgium in July 2016. I did not earn income in France in 2017 and did not have a titre de séjour or any sort of residence in France in 2017. As such, do I need to make any sort of tax declaration for France in 2017? Thank you.

by Rebecca on 23 May 2018 Read Answer

Hi Eliane,
My question is not exactly relating to tax issue, but I could not find a category that fits, so perhaps you could help me.
My husband did some installation work for a French company, and they have not paid all their invoices. We have strong reasons to believe that they have used the unpaid invoices for an insurance claim.
I am trying to find out which insurance company they are insured with in order to investigate the claim, but not having much luck.
Is there such thing in France as an insurance claim registry?
Where do you suggest I should investigate?
Thank you in advance!

by Stephanie on 22 May 2018 Read Answer

Hi. We are french residents, but hold premium bonds in the UK. I declare the income from the bonds but now have a doubt as to whether I needed to declare them as a bank account - although they are not strictly a compte bancaire nor an assurance vie. I would be grateful for your input.
Thanks. Cathy.

by Cathy on 07 May 2018 Read Answer
Follow-up question:

Ah. Having not done this are we best off declaring them this year with an explanatory letter, saying we thought we just needed to declare bank accounts? Will we still be subject to the fine? Thank you.

by Cathy on 17 May 2018 Read Answer

I registered as a microentrepreneur on 1 September 2017. I understand I have to complete form 2042c which I have found online, but I cannot find 2042. Does this one still exist and if so, where can I find it? I believe I have to submit a hard copy as this is my first declaration.
Also, my main business interests are in Morocco so I believe I must complete 2047 too. Is this correct? Thanks.

by Helen on 21 Apr 2018 Read Answer
Claire Parsons

I have just created an SCI in France and bought a house which we are renovating. We do not earn an income or any money from the house as it is uninhabitable at the moment. I think I need to file the first tax return by the end of May but I don't have a tax number. How do I go about getting this - I have read that the Siren number can be used but who would I contact to check. I don't want to get into any tax trouble! Can you let me know?

by Claire Parsons on 18 Apr 2018 Read Answer

Dear Eliane,
I worked in France until 02 Jun 2017 and then I left France on 06 Jun 2017 to New Zealand to continue my study. In this case, do I have to pay the income tax this year based on my income in France in 2017?

by Li MA on 17 Apr 2018 Read Answer

My husband and I, both retired U.S. citizens, moved to France in early Sept. of 2017. Are we required to file French tax forms for 2017? All of our income is from U.S. sources.

by Mary on 01 Mar 2018 Read Answer
Marco Castelli

Now that French employers pay the tax on behalf of the employee (PAYE), how do i obtain a French Tax Number? Will my employer provide one or do i need to apply?

by Marco Castelli on 14 Feb 2018 Read Answer
John Rainger

Dear Elaine,

My wife and I are UK citizens, UK tax payers, nearing retirement, and have a house (not rented) in France since 2002, but spend less than 6 months a year there. With the uncertainty around Brexit, we are considering applying for French permanent residency.
In this case will we have to be taxed in France? Does it make any difference whether we spend more or less than 183 days there a year? Our preference would be to remain UK tax payers.

Many thanks for your assistance

by John Rainger on 25 Jan 2018 Read Answer

I am a UK national living in Switzerland, am considering living in France and I currently have the opportunity to work for a UK company again.
I am trying to understand what are the best options:
- Stay working in Switzerland and live in France (G permit) as lower cost of living
- Move back to the UK as a full time employee
- Become a full time employee in France

Can you tell me how much tax and social contributions I would pay on each scenario?
Many thanks

by Lar on 15 Jan 2018 Read Answer

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