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Personal Info: was formed in 2004 by Elaine Jarvis. In 2000 she had previously co-founded Abacalys, a landscaping company in Normandy. She turned her attention to developing a gardening consultancy with a DIY approach and now works as an online garden project manager with selected contractors whose work is keyed to catering to the unique preferences of each client.


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I've got some unwanted bamboo which keeps poking up in odd places. When I go to dig it up in my lawn, I find it's got huge runners which are blooming difficult to get rid of. What can I do please apart from digging up the whole lawn or even the garden? Thank you.

by Sarah on 01 Oct 2012 Read Answer

With winter coming on do I toss the geraniums? They are lovely but I have no indoor space.

by Lorraine on 26 Sep 2012 Read Answer
Chris Ellis

Can I bring some precious garden plants with me when relocating to France?

by Chris Ellis on 18 Sep 2012 Read Answer
Jean Gordon

My Parisian sister has gone head over heals for gardening.
I'll be planning a trip to France in April.
I'm a Landscape Architect and should be advising her. However I'm just not that familiar with French vegetation. Do you have book.
Further I thought it would be fun to take a class together regarding gardening. My French is not too good, but do you have any ideas.
Also sister says there are no good organizations in Paris and Country side where you can get gardening advice.

by Jean Gordon on 26 Jan 2010 Read Answer
polly smith

Hi Elaine,

Our neighbours wife took it into her head to completely destroy our hedge. She has gauged out the middle up to the trunk leaving only a very thin screen of leaves with holes on our side. The hedge was very well maintained and had been trimmed by a professional to the legal height one week before. Her husband is being quite apologetic and says he will compensate us as he realises it is horrendous. This weekend we are going to measure the land to check whether we had really planted it on the legal limit (they agreed to planting it at the time). If the hedge has been planted at the legal limit what can we ask them for in the way of compensation given the fact that it is probably so badly cut it will never recuperate?

We have been to the mairie and they have advised us to see a mediator.

by polly smith on 24 Sep 2009 Read Answer

What are the rules with regard to large hedges between neighbours? The 2 metre leyllandii hedge in our garden significantly overhangs the driveway next door. Is it our resposibility to trim/maintain it?

by Anne on 04 Oct 2008 Read Answer
Christian Heitz

Question on water harvesting:
With all these sudden downpours of rain how to stock and use the rainwater to lighten the cost of keeping a well watered garden.

by Christian Heitz on 18 Sep 2008 Read Answer
Charles Grant

I have a collection of indoors orchids. I would like to go for a several months long expedition (in subantarctic islands, actually). Is there any means to make sure that my orchids will still be alive, not to say in a good shape ? Tnak you for your help.
Charles Grant

by Charles Grant on 31 Jul 2008 Read Answer

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