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I help to create and grow businesses and innovative projects online.


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I'm thinking of setting up an online mag - a monthly, culturally-orientated in French and English, based in the south of France (antibes) something of the density and leel of the lieterary mag the Paris review. What advice would you give me on funding and publicity. Would it be possible to start without capital investment using a free online tool and build it from there? Many thanks, Carol McCloskey

by carol on 11 Aug 2009 Read Answer
Rod Pallot

I have developed and am patenting a new system of accomodation for caravans and motorhomes.
I have two requests.
One I am seeking a business listing of component (seating) makers.
Two I want to maximise my marketing by using the internet, is there an overview of the subject?

by Rod Pallot on 09 Jul 2009 Read Answer

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