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Des Cooney


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Des Cooney specializes in the provision of advice on pensions and retirement planning to expatriates. He is a Director of Axis Strategy Consultants, a French regulated Insurance broker. His particular area of expertise is on QROPS and the transfer of UK pensions overseas. Emphasis is put on the investment of clients' money in the ‘right funds at the right time’ in order to maximize gains. Attention is also given to tax planning issues when deciding which products to recommend.


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My husband works in Oman for the Royal Court and is looking to raise a mortgage for a property in France against his Omani contract. We are having problems finding a lender who will consider earnings from Oman unless through a multinational company. Do you know of any lenders who might? Many thanks.

by Rob on 28 Nov 2016 Read Answer

Hi. I have recently shifted to France; my husband is a national here. We live with my in-laws which include my brother-in-law, my mother-in-law and her husband. We are planning to move into a bigger house since my brother-in-law has to get married too. I have heard that the bank loan case can get complicated if siblings buy a house together whereas it's easier if husband and wife buy a house. My husband can't apply for bank loan alone because his pay will not be enough for a big house. Kindly help me out with this confusion. Also suggest if we should go for a single bigger house or two separate medium ones.

by Areeba on 10 May 2016 Read Answer
angela albiston

Hi, we agreed on a purchase price of €100,000 for a house and all its contents in France. We have applied for a mortgage of €80,000. The vendor now wants to split the purchase of the house and it's contents so that they pay less capital and gains and we pay less notaires fees, however, this affect our mortgage application as the purchase price has changed or can we incorporate the contents in with the mortgage application?
Thanks for your help

by angela albiston on 25 Feb 2016 Read Answer

I want to have an interest only mortgage where I have 100% interest free and place 20% in insurance linked account.

Can I do this?

by Marian on 04 Nov 2015 Read Answer

Does the rule which restricts all debt payments to 30% of income apply to the gross income or net income? Also, I assume that we would still need a deposit for an asset backed interest only mortgage? Many thanks

by Tara on 27 Sep 2014 Read Answer
Linda Aiello

Is it possible to buy property in France with the intention of eventually building a house in 4 years when I leave the US to live in France. Where can I find info about how to do this? Thank you

by Linda Aiello on 20 Aug 2014 Read Answer
Neil mccann

I am in my mid 50's with a really good uk government pension.
I would like to buy a property but have no deposit. Any advice?

by Neil mccann on 20 Jun 2014 Read Answer

Is it possible to get a french mortgage if you are over 50? Thanks.

by geoff on 16 Nov 2013 Read Answer

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